What The Forecast?!! for Android

What The Forecast?!! is now live for Android!  Unfortunately, because Google's search algorithms suck, it is very hard to find the app on the Play Store.  If you search for "What The Forecast?!!" or "WTForecast" the app either isn't listed or is so far down in the list, it never shows up.

Here is the direct Play Store link:


If you have friends who are waiting for this app, please send them the link directly.  I've been told that the app will appear once more people download it, but this is ridiculous logic since no one can find it to download it in the first place. 


Initial Android Beta

The Android app is done and ready for testing!  OK, so it's not completely done, but the app is working and I want to start beta testing while I'm still developing the final touches to version 1.0.1.  It you are interested in participating, please send me your gmail email account.  My email is nightcatprod@gmail.com.  I will add you to the testers list and send you the link.

There is a very good chance that some of the features in the app won't work, but I'm actively developing as we speak.  The initial iOS app was very different than the current version when it was first released.  I will quickly add features over the next few months after the Android app is released.  

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I appreciate it!

I have to apologize to everyone about Android

I really should have managed everyone's expectations regarding the Android version of What The Forecast?!! a bit better than I have and for that, I apologize.  I'm still working on the Android version and have made some progress in the last few weeks.  However, it is still a slow process and it is delayed more than I like.  Unfortunately, I don't have a predicted release date yet.

I'm an iOS developer who is learning Android and working on What The Forecast?!! at my kitchen table in my spare time.  I wish I had a company with a slew of developers, but at this point, it's just me.  I'm looking into paying someone to do it, but as of yet, I haven't found anyone who is reliable and has the skills the app requires.  

I totally understand if you want to kick me.  I would want to kick me too.  Just don't do it too hard, because that's not very nice.  I will definitely try to keep more regular updates on the progress.  Lately, I've been so swamped by the iOS version emails that a lot of times, I just forget to update this website.

Stay tuned!  I'm shooting for the first part of this year for a release.  I just wish I could nail down a more concrete date.  For that, I apologize!