I have to apologize to everyone about Android

I really should have managed everyone's expectations regarding the Android version of What The Forecast?!! a bit better than I have and for that, I apologize.  I'm still working on the Android version and have made some progress in the last few weeks.  However, it is still a slow process and it is delayed more than I like.  Unfortunately, I don't have a predicted release date yet.

I'm an iOS developer who is learning Android and working on What The Forecast?!! at my kitchen table in my spare time.  I wish I had a company with a slew of developers, but at this point, it's just me.  I'm looking into paying someone to do it, but as of yet, I haven't found anyone who is reliable and has the skills the app requires.  

I totally understand if you want to kick me.  I would want to kick me too.  Just don't do it too hard, because that's not very nice.  I will definitely try to keep more regular updates on the progress.  Lately, I've been so swamped by the iOS version emails that a lot of times, I just forget to update this website.

Stay tuned!  I'm shooting for the first part of this year for a release.  I just wish I could nail down a more concrete date.  For that, I apologize!