What the Forecast?!! lets you view your weather accurately and honestly.  No Really...  It sucks outside and I intend to let you know it.

Simulator Screen Shot Oct 16, 2015, 9.32.11 PM.png

Here are a few of the app reviews:

I’m loving this app. It’s how the weather should be told. Thanks for making me laugh/smile when your giving me bad news.
What’s The Forecast is absolutely hilarious. I love simple humor, creative, inappropriate phrases, and practicality. This app has all of them. The graphics are great too. I’ve gotten to where I check it a few times a day because it makes me giggle and we all need to giggle more. I highly recommend this app!
This is seriously the best app ever and has made my entire week!
Absolutely love this app! It says what I’m thinking! Gives me a good laugh each day!

Finally, there is an accurate weather app that will explain, in real terms, how terrible it is outside.  You will never again wonder if you should just go back to bed.  Sometimes it is better to just give up and try again tomorrow.  

The app features:
- Over 4857 obnoxious phrases describing the current weather conditions.
- Switchable profanity settings (On, Some, Off).
- Highly accurate weather reports directly from Forecast.io.
- Daily forecasts for 7 days.
- Hourly forecasts for 48 hours.
- Precipitation forecasts for the next hour.
- Weather alerts from NOAA.
- Backgrounds and precipitation that match the time of year and weather.
- U.S. or international units.
- Description of weather terms used in the app.

You can now share your wether report and obnoxious weather sayings using social media!

**Make sure you go into the app settings and set the profanity setting to "On" for the full effect.  You won't be disappointed!