BS Weather is now called What The Forecast?!!

Unfortunately, Apple has rejected the BS Weather app on two counts.  

A.  BS Weather implies profanity and that is not allowed under Apple's submission guidelines.  After reaching out to Facebook friends, I've decided to change the name to What The Forecast?!!, or WTF.  Hopefully, that will fly...

B.  Some of the screenshots I included with the app submission had the naughty words starred out.  Apple suggested that these non-words also implied profanity and violated their submission guidelines.

I've resubmitted the app and hope to receive an app approval notice soon.  

As an aside, I recently discovered some other obnoxious weather apps in the iOS app store.  I didn't download them until What The Forecast?!! was nearly complete, mainly because I didn't want to be accused of copying.  The two apps are called Effing Weather and The Effing Weather.  Somehow BS Weather implies profanity while Effing does not...  I don't understand.  I thought the word 'Effing' ONLY implied profanity...without actually being profane.